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Can I Still Buy the MLM Traffic Formula 2.0?

YES, you CAN still buy the MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 CLICK HERE for =>  MLM Traffic Formula 2 ORDER Information PLUS, there’s more… Not only will we show you how to find the MLM Traffic Formula program, we have a few exclusive and unique BONUSES to offer you. BONUS #1 – FREE coaching and mentoring. [...]

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Can I Still Buy the MLM Traffic Formula 2.0?

YES, you CAN still buy the MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

CLICK HERE for =>  MLM Traffic Formula 2 ORDER Information

PLUS, there’s more…

Not only will we show you how to find the MLM Traffic Formula program, we have a few exclusive and unique BONUSES to offer you.

BONUS #1 – FREE coaching and mentoring. One-on-one help with getting your own personal Traffic Formula system set up and running. (If you’re not an experienced Internet marketer, the course can be a little overwhelming. No problem for you though, with Mike guiding you along.)

> We’ll walk you through setting up your hosting account.

> We’ll walk you through setting up your first WordPress blog “Nerve Center”.

> We’ll be available to answer questions you may have about how the Traffic Formula system works.

> We’ll be available to clarify questions you may have on the training modules in the online Traffic Formula course.

> This is the only MLM Traffic Formula Training Program that I know of!

A $125.00 per hour value.

“I say that you are a Blessing because you came to me and with patience, kindness, and understanding and helped me through a subject area that I really needed help.” Lynn

BONUS #2 – FREE WordPress for MLM eBook. An easy to follow, step-by-step guide for blogging beginners, showing you how to set up your own WordPress blog site even if you can’t program your cell phone. (A WordPress blog is the nerve center, or focal point, of your Traffic Formula system.)

A $47.00 value.

“I had my first wordpress blog up in about an hour, it still needs some tweaking and more content…I am so glad I purchased wordpress for mlm …you guys delivered!” Betty

These are real and substantial bonuses that cannot be matched. (We won’t insult your intelligence with a long list of bogus bonuses that are nothing more than freely available PLR articles you can buy for $1 a piece.)

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469

If you’d simply like more information at this point, that’s cool…

You can download a COMPLIMENTARY 36-Minute Online DVD, just CLICK HERE.

Even if you’re not ready to order the Traffic Formula, be sure watch the FREE video…

Just watching this COMPLIMENTARY video will help your business.

Please, call us with any questions.

Mike Stokes

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The MLM Traffic Formula 2 Nerve Center and Why You Need One

Nerve center. The term brings up science fiction-y thoughts doesn’t it? A nerve center is the point where all the activity of a body or a group of something (people, aliens, ants, whatever) originates from. It also can be the point where your MLM activities originate from and are controlled from.

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 presents an excellent model for a nerve center and shows multi-level marketers how to create their own. The MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 Nerve Center gets set up once, and basically the entire business runs from that point – 24/7 – automatically. It makes thing much, much easier to handle and monitor.

You need to create your own business nerve center for a few reasons. You can track all of your ads and sales letters easily. It will serve as the “magnetic force” that drives your business, and it will simplify all of your business activities.

Your MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 Nerve Center will also be the point where your leads are sorted, pre-qualified and converted either into paying customers or new distributors. Finally, the nerve center, which sort of takes on its own life, will grow as it’s used and with that growth, will attract more prospects to you.

The concept of a nerve center in MLM is a new one, introduced by MLM Traffic Formula 2.0. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how setting up a nerve center that automates most of your marketing functions is going to be pretty valuable and give you a head start on the competition. You need a nerve center to operate your business from because you need an edge, and you’re guaranteed to get one.

Need help setting up your own MLM Traffic Formula Nerve Center?

Call Tami DuBose at 225-773-7111, we can help you get your own MLM Nerve Center set up right away!

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MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

If you are trying to build a network marketing business or any type of Internet Marketing or home based business, I can tell you from personal experience that you won’t have much of a chance of succeeding if you don’t have the information and knowledge that will be available in Mike Dillard’s new MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 marketing course.

If you want a real business, you have to market and advertise to get customers. You can write that in stone.

If you don’t have a business that you can advertise and get customers, you don’t have a business. (You can write that in stone too.)

If you’re depending on your local economy to support your business (and ultimately your family), all of your eggs are in one basket and if you watch the evening news at all, you know this is not a good idea.

(I’d tell you to write that in stone too, but you’re probably getting tired of hearing that.)

If you’re not making money 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you’re not making enough money. You need a business that works for you around the clock.

If you don’t have a business that runs without you, you can’t make enough money. You have no leverage.

Hey, while you’re writing stuff in stone, write this down:

“A downline in an MLM business is NOT a REAL business.”

If you want to provide a living and financial security for yourself and your family, you need to understand what a REAL business is.

An MLM business is not a real business because you don’t own anything, and the company can cancel your distributorship at anytime for any reason, or even no reason at all.

That’s not to say you can’t make money with an MLM business, you just need to know how to set up your business model.

You need a Strategic Plan.

Mike Dillard has put together a FREE 38-minute DVD that spells out how we went from a waiter in a restaurant to multi-millionaire in less than 18 months. This is not a bunch of hype. I was there, I saw it with my own eyes, and I have personally not had to have a job since I learned these business strategies.

And here’s something novel, my name and personal phone number are at the bottom of this post. You can actually talk to a REAL person that is REALLY doing what is in these courses, and actually PROSPERING from doing it.

Just click on the link below to access the FREE DVD. Just see what all you can learn with the MLM Traffic Formula 2 marketing course. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

>>>   CLICK HERE for FREE Traffic Formula DVD   <<<

Mike Stokes
(225) 218-1469

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